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Welcome to Nick’s Place Lembongan!

We offering an American Style Pork Ribs with Texas BBQ Sauce. There are two’s size, Full Rack (about 400gr) and Half Rack (about 250gr). The meat’s have tender texture that you can pull the bone’s even by using your hand.

Another’s our special menu is: Baramundi (two slice meat’s of baramundi fish come with english spinach, mashed potatoes and lemon garlic cream sauce) and Balinese Crispy Duck (half duck come with rice, two sambal’s and vegetables).

We also provide’s delivery, reservation and FREE pick up services in WHOLE Lembongan Island. Nick’s Place Lembongan hotline: 085238347999 / 081353200587 or nicksplacelembongan(at)gmail(dot)com.

Customers Statistic

America (US)3%
Our Story

Story of The Nick's Place Lembongan

I started working as a barista in Kuta. While I was working there I really learned a lot, especially how to make good of coffee from an Italian Barista. Since that time, I’m falling in love with coffee.

I officially opened my restaurant on the 27th of April 2015 and I named it “WBM Coffee Shop & Grill Ribs”. WBM stands for “Warung Batu Masedohit” or “Warung Lean Stone”. Because in the area where the restaurant is, there are two sacred stones in a leaning position.

As time passed, I received some suggestions from my customers. They felt that the name “WBM” didn’t fit my restaurant. After discussion with my customers, my close friends and family, I decided to change the name. My restaurant now called “Nick’s Place Lembongan”. Named after me, Nick comes from my childhood name.


Our Goals

Customers Satisfaction are always be our TOP goals. We constantly push our three important’s points, quality taste of every menus, good timing process (max 15 minutes) and excellent services.

In the futures, we want to open ‘semi-franchise’.